Fear Not

This blog site is to Give Life To Your Dreams (click the link), whether new or already existent.  No matter the dream size, we understand that dreams are the answers and solutions to tomorrow’s questions.  We love to hear from our community.  Enjoy this post written by Margarette Clark, one of the many members of our community of dreamers.


(Guest Post)

Fear Not, Love God

Fear Not, Be Yourself

Fear Not, Love Someone

Fear Not, Challenge Yourself

Fear Not, Have Faith

Fear Not, Be Positive

Fear Not, Use Your Talents

Fear Not, Turn Off the TV

Fear Not, Hug Your Family

Fear Not, Give a Smile

Fear Not, Pay Bills

Fear Not, Have Fun

Fear Not, Save Money

Fear Not, Be Amazing

Fear Not, Be Weird!


Action: Write down those things that may cause you to fear.  Then set up a plan and prepare to tackle those fears.  Preparation is the killer of fear.

Question: What is your “Fear Not” statement.  Example - Fear Not, ____.  (Please leave a comment below.)

Margarette Clark
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