Finding Power To Drown Our Excuses


Drown your excuses or your excuses will drown you.


If we aren’t careful, we will find ourselves drowning in the plethora of responsibilities around us.  The interesting thing about our responsibilities is they will either control us or we will control them.

Does this mean that your responsibilities have power?  I think it depends on the person.

We all start with the power, but it is up to us to keep the power.

Make Up Your Mind


Your ability to control your responsibilities versus your responsibilities controlling you depends on your attitude.  Your attitude will dictate whether you will drown your excuses or not.

It will take a change in attitude to drown our excuses!

Without change our excuses will stay afloat.

To make an excuse is to seek to remove the blame of or to release from an obligation.  We all have made an excuse before at some time in our lives, but the problem is not making an excuse from time to time.  There is a big difference between a legitimate excuse and a fabricated excuse.  Legitimate excuses are those excuses in which we make because we were at a doctors appointment during working hours, etc.  Fabricated excuses are those excuses in which we make up because we don’t want to be held accountable for further responsibility.

It happens a lot in our world.  Are you that person?  The problem with consistently making excuses is we then compromise other parts of our lives.

Reasons to Drown Your Excuses


There are many reasons why you should drown your excuses.  Let’s discuss two reasons.

Reason #1 - Maximize Your Potential

One of the primary reasons to drown your excuses is to maximize your potential.  Making excuses down plays your abilities.  You will never know what you can be by making excuses why you aren’t who you should be.

When we are able to hold ourselves accountable for all our thoughts and actions, we then are to drown our excuses causing us to maximize our potential.  Our growth and development depends on us finding the power to drown our excuses.

Reason #2 - Preserve Your Reputation

Another important reason to drown your excuses is to preserve your reputation.  People will not take you serious if all you are known for is making excuses.  Kill your excuses by drowning them and protect your reputation.

Preserving your reputation helps you to live with integrity.  People know you “say what you mean and mean what you say.”  We will always have doubters, but let’s not give anyone a reason to doubt because of our consistent formulation of excuses.

So my final thoughts are my initial thoughts; drown your excuses or your excuses will drown you.  Stop giving your excuses life and make up your mind to drown your excuses.


Why is so important for you to drown your excuses?  How will you go about drowning your excuses?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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