Getting Up After Being Knocked Down


Have you ever failed miserably at something?  Have you ever made a mistake that you thought was inexcusable?  Have you ever failed a test you knew you should have passed?  Have you ever lost anyone or anything that you loved dearly?

What do we do when we receive these knockout blows?

It will not be easy dealing with any situation that will knock us down, but here are 3 steps that will help you next time you are knocked down.

1.  Survey Your Surroundings


When we are knocked down, most of the time we immediately choose one of two options. We either stay down or get up.  I hope you wouldn’t stay down, but that you would get back up.

Before getting up, take a little time to survey your surrounding.  Key word, LITTLE!  Sometimes we spend too much time down, which in turn affects our perspective towards others and ourselves.

“Don’t stay down too long when knocked down because life goes on.”


We don’t want to get in a habit of staying down too long because then we will start internalizing a negative attitude.  It’s usually too late before realize we have been down too long.  Everyone from our family members, friends, co-workers, church members, to even our dogs or cats will feel our negative spirits from being down too long.  So only spend a little time surveying your surroundings.  Why?

We survey our surroundings to keep the same thing from happening again.  When we are knocked down, we should learn from the situation.  It may not necessarily be a mistake, nonetheless we should still learn from the experience.

“Humans are the most unique life form on our planet.”


We are the only species possessing the unique power to change at will.  We can change homes, cars, jobs, careers, cities, states, countries, thoughts, dreams, etc.

Look at the situation that knocked you down and figure out what you can do to change the outcome next time.

2. Stand Up with a Strategy


Now, it’s time to stand with purpose.  It hurts me to see anyone knocked down only to stand up without a purpose.  Standing without purpose makes it easier for the next thing to knock us down.  Believe or not, there will always be something waiting to knock you down.  It’s part of life.  So develop a plan.

Stand up and determine the best way to stay up.  Put your plan together.  Don’t try to use someone else’s plan.  Frame your own plan and make it wok for your life.  I guess you have notice by now, but I’m BIG on making PLANS!

“Without plans we are just preparing ourselves for a knock out.”


Someone may be saying, “Plans don’t usually work.”  And I would agree with you.  However, you are better off having a plan than not having one at all.  You may need to modify your plan, but don’t find yourself without a plan.

I can recall many times when I thought I knew where I was going, but I was so grateful I had a map or a Global Positioning System (GPS).  Your life plan is your map.  It will give you direction and clarity during some of the chaotic times in your life.  Detail Your Life (click link).

“Plans keep your life on track.”


3. Stride with Confidence


It makes no sense for us to stand up, and then stand in one place.  Life is always changing and moving, so why not move with it.

This is one of the hardest steps for several reasons.  One primary reason why it can be hard to move forward with confidence is because being knocked down puts us in a position of defeat.  However, if we follow the first two steps, it will give us confidence with our last step.

“It’s easy to exude confidence when plans are made.”


So you have been knocked down.  Now look around and discover what knocked you down.  Don’t stay down too long.  Get up purpose and figure out your next move.  Then, move in that direction with confidence.


Question: How will these steps assist you the next time you are knocked down? Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
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