Give Credit Where Credit Is Due



We all have been to a restaurant when a disgruntled customer addressed a concern with the restaurant’s manager.  We have all been disgruntled customers at one point.

I recall one restaurant experience with my wife where we felt neglected.  The hostess politely escorted us to our seats, but that was about the highlight of our experience.  After being seated, it took forever for someone to take our order.  Then, it took a very long time for us to receive our simple orders.  I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but it took even longer to get our ticket.  We felt like prisoners to this restaurant.  Maybe it was just a bad day for the waitress, but what would you do if you experienced this type of service?

Without a doubt, you would have to let someone know.

We have all been this disgruntled customer or have seen a disgruntled customer express their concerns with poor service.

But, what would you do if you received AMAZING service?

From your first step into the restaurant or store to your last steps out the door, you are treated like royalty. I think it is only right to make the same effort you would make with your negative experiences with your positive experiences as well.  Matter fact, I try to make more of an effort to point out GREAT service because it is usually taken for granted.

3 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

1. A Simple Thank You

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple verbal thank you.  There is still great people and businesses providing great service.  Next time you encounter this great service, stop and take time to say, “Thank You.”

It will help both parties.  Watch the smile on the persons face after you give the compliment, and then observe their body language.  It will make you feel better about your day because you have encouraged someone else.

2. Give a Card

I know we started talking about receiving service from businesses, but these principles apply to any relationship.  If someone has demonstrated a caring spirit, why write a card to show your appreciation.  Don’t just give the person the card.  Put your heart in the card by writing how you feel down in the card.

3. Share Your Money

If your waiter served you well, please tip her with your heart.  Don’t give a dollar tip when your ticket is $40.  You just received great service.  Let the waiter know you appreciate how they served, which perpetuates that type of service with others and with you if decide to return.  This blog is less about tipping etiquette, but I can’t help to mention how to tip if you are served well.

Some say 10% and others say 15%, but I start with 20% if the service is good.  If the service is great, my wife and I can get a little crazy with out tipping.  The main thing is don’t come across as cheap or careless.  You may be saying, “I have a budget.”  Well, I would say you probably don’t need to be dinning out then.  If this waiter is pulling out all stops t make you happy and pleased as a customer, please return the favor.

You don’t have give a person a million dollars to show your gratefulness.  Special acts of kindness are priceless anyway.  Most of us can’t afford to give a million dollars to every person who performs a genuine act of kindness in our life.

Better than throwing money at someone, buy a sentimental gift or take the person to dinner and you cover the ticket.

I have to say, someone acts of kindness may be worth spending more money than others.  For an example, I wouldn’t give my co-worker the same gift I would give my wife.  My wife has been a big supporter of my any work projects, along with being the greatest mother to my children.  I believe she deserves more.  So, put some thought into it.

Find a way to give credit where credit is due.

Remember, it’s all about the heart!  If your efforts are sincere, both you, as the giver, and the receiver will be blessed.


Action: Show appreciation to those who care for you.  Demonstrate a grateful heart to those who provide great service.

Question(s): Do you believe giving credit is necessary?  How would you feel if someone gave you credit where credit was due?  Then, tell me how you would feel if no one ever expressed any appreciation for your care or service? (Please leave a comment below.)

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