God Cushions the Blows of Life


Special Guest Post by Kendra Ransom



Have you ever experienced a painful situation?

A painful situation you knew could have been worse, even tragic.  Well, I call that God cushioning the blows of life.

Take for instance, that time you stomped your toe on the corner of the bed frame. Or perhaps, the time you stubbed your leg of the coffee table.  At the initial onset, you thought you broke your toe, but only to find out you only broke your toenail.

Thank God!


How about that time you tripped and fell.  You could have hit your head and loss consciousness, fractured a bone, or torn tendon/ligament.  But you only skinned your knee or elbow.

 Thank God!


 What about that car wreck when your car was totaled, but you came out of it with only a bruise or two.  Looking at your wrecked vehicle, you knew you shouldn't have made it at all.

 Thank God!


 There are so many situations like these.  I believe these are situations when we should thank God.  God's love is always surrounding us.  He keeps and preserves us.

“Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” ~ Psalm 121:8


So next time you experience any difficult situation instead of cursing God, THANK GOD!  And just remember it could always be worse.

Question: When has God cushioned a blow for you?  Why are you able to thank God?  Leave your comments below.

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