When was the last time you showered your spouse with compassion?  Compassion is an aspect of God’s nature in us.  Your spouse should be the first person to expect and receive compassion from you.  Jesus did it for us!

In Mark 1:41 Jesus was moved with compassion when the leper approached him.  The verse said, “And Jesus moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touched him, and saith unto him, I will; be thou clean.”

This form of love means the most when we are most vulnerable to Satan’s devices.

My husband and I lived in Texas for a few months when our newborn child died soon after childbirth.  We were in an unfamiliar area away from all family and friends.  The death of our child seemed harsh and final in many ways.  Nothing could change the decision that God had made in our lives.  We both were in total shock and ignored the fact that we needed to extend compassion to each other and our living children.  Instead, we thought we could move on with our lives with business as usual.

Strong marriages are built on the ability of both the wife and husband attempting to alleviate sufferings and pains that arise in a marriage.

Time is needed to discover and investigate the pain your spouse is experiencing.  Assumptions can never take the place of exploring the misfortunes in your relationship.  Communication is key and necessary to show compassion.  Be a leader in your relationship and lead the discussion on how you can exemplify compassion in your relationship.


Create a stronger marriage by investigating how many different ways you can show acts of mercy and kindness in your relationship.

Jackie Hall

Executive VP & CHRO of MTN Universal, LLC

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