Graceful Living


"The key to living a happy life is to live a graceful life."




Earlier this week, my wife and I were mesmerized watching the figure skating portion of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Every athlete had a unique performance, but the most impressive thing was each athletes gracefulness on the ice.

I enjoy ice skating, but by no means am I graceful on the ice.  Matter fact, it will probably scare you out of your mind to watch me on the ice because of my awkward, unnatural style of ice skating.

With that said, my wife and I were captivated by these remarkable routines.

Which made me think, "Only if we could live my lives as graceful as these Olympic athletes were skating."

What if we were able to live life with this gracefulness?

We can!

However, we must know graceful living doesn’t come over night.  And there’s a price we must pay, but I is well worth the investment.

Just as Olympic athletes train for many years for one moment, it will take training and conditioning of our mental skills.

Mental skills such as being positive, friendly, humble, unselfish, loving, tactful, peaceful, determined, and more.

These mental skills help us live a graceful life because ultimately our happiness depends on these qualities.

So, what can you do to live a graceful life?

Apply the helpful tips below to any mental skill you may be lacking in and watch how you improve in the various skill sets.

3 Helpful Tips to Live a Graceful Life

1. Proper Preparation

2. Proper Practice

3. Proper Execution


Action: Discover what mental skills you may need to work on to bring you happiness and apply these 3 tips.  Then, continue to tweak  and adjust the tips to receive consistent improvement in those areas.

Question(s): How would describe graceful living? Have you already applied these tips in some form or fashion in your life? (Please leave a comment below.)

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