How to Avoid Living on Fumes


As long as we have life in our bodies, we will face challenges daily.  Quite frankly, that’s what makes us human.

Our challenges include responsibilities such as helping others, educating ourselves, making sound decisions, respecting self/others, standing up for what’s right, and loving all.  These are grave responsibilities that require consistent attention.

It’s easy to get caught up focusing on these responsibilities and neglect yourself.  When we neglect ourselves too many times, we will find ourselves living on fumes.  We will continue to tend to our daily responsibilities, but with little to no energy.

Have you ever felt like you were living on fumes?

Let me give you a great example of a common responsibility that can cause us to live on fumes.

I am so fascinated with how many emails I receive a day.  Some are legit, but most are junk mail.  I was once concerned with keeping my email perfectly clean and it bothered me to have any junk emails in my inbox.

A mentor of mine once told me, “Your inbox will never be empty.”  I believe the same applies with our lives.

Our lives will always have challenges or some form of chaos.  So instead of figuring out ways of emptying your inbox or managing your life perfectly, just come to a realization about a few truths in your life.

I have come to the realization of three truths that helps me avoid living life on fumes.  It will also help you in your life’s journey.

3 Truths to Remember to Avoid Living on Fumes


1. I will never have a perfect life.  We weren’t created to be perfect, but we were created to follow He who is perfect.  No family, church, or business is perfect.  I will strive for perfection, but I know life isn’t over when I discover my imperfections.  I don’t focus on living a perfect life, but instead my focus is to live a progressive life.  A progressive life is one that constantly moves forward.

2. I will make mistakes.  When God created us.  He created us with free will, which means everyday we have a choice.  When I have a choice, this means I will make a mistake.  No one gets it right all the time, but it is our mistakes that give us our greatest lessons.

3. I will have to say “NO.”  No one can do it all.  Sometimes we feel that we are superheroes.  Whether you are a mother, business owner, or any kind of leader; you will never be able to say yes to everything.  It’s important to have boundaries, so you can avoid living life on fumes.

Discover ways of holding to these three truths and you will uncover a great deal of success with your life.


Question: Are you living on fumes?  How are you planning on re-energizing your life?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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