How to Avoid the Trap of Entitlement


There are many traps in life, but one trap you want to avoid at all cost is the trap of entitlement.  Entitlement is claiming or demanding a specific right, rank, name, honor, title, etc.  It’s expecting to get something out, even when nothing has been put in.  From children to adults, many people are getting caught in the trap of entitlement.  There are 3 simple ways of avoiding the trap of entitlement.

1. Enjoy Life


Life is serious enough; so don’t take yourself too serious.  Sometimes we just need to laugh a little and enjoy life.  We can take ourselves so serious that we feel we are God’s only gift to the world.  Those who take themselves too serious usually think higher of themselves, which can lead to an attitude of entitlement.

2. Develop Great Work Ethic


We have heard this phrase many times, “Work smart, not hard.”  The key to the phrase is WORK.  No matter what may be going on in your life, always work.  Entitlement is waiting for something to happen, but those who work will make something happen.  We should work for everything.

3. Be Responsible


When you are responsible, you avoid the trap of entitlement.  Responsible individuals are more concerned about making the right decisions with the resources available.  These same individuals are highly accountable and take great initiative to move their life forward.


What are some other ways in which you can avoid the trap of entitlement? (Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below.)

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