How to Build an Indestructible Character


I have seen men and women that I thought were great leaders, but during difficult times I discovered a lack of integrity and honesty.  These men and women have great work ethic, but they lacked one essential quality every leader should possess being character.

When leaders lack character, it goes without saying that those following will lack character as well.

How do you know if you have character?



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated one of the greatest quotes of all time when it comes to character.  He said,

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands I moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”


The quality of one’s character is dependent on an individual’s reputation.  Character is all about consistent demonstration of good positive qualities.

Do you have character?

After speaking to a group of men and women leaders this past weekend, I decided it would be great idea to share a short list of helpful tips that builds an indestructible character.  No matter what anyone says about you, just follow these tips and you will discover your character being durable and unshakable.

8 Ways to Build an Indestructible Character


1. Be True to Yourself.  How many times have we seen a person attempting be someone else?  In such cases, these individuals end up coming across as a pretender.  There’s a quote that says, “Be careful who you pretend to be; you might forget who you are.”  And if you forget who you are, no one else will know who you are.

2. Be Passionate.  Never ride the passion of someone else, but let your passion speak for itself.

3. Be Family Oriented.  The way you treat your family will speak volumes to others about how you will treat them.  You don’t have to treat everyone like they are part of your blood family.  However, if you demonstrate disdain and disrespect to those you love, others will feel like you will be disrespectful to them.

3. Be Observant.  Be alert!  Those with great character are alert and pay close attention to detail.

4. Be in Control.  If you are going to build a character for yourself, you will need self-control.  Self-control is knowing when and when not to speak or act.  It has everything to do with being discipline enough to make great decisions.

5. Be Humble.  People with an indestructible character know how to act because the portray humility.  These people have a great reputation because they have a great deal of respect for themselves and others.

6. Be Friendly.  The reason why some people are able to build an indestructible character has everything to do with how they treat people.  They have a good reputation for treating people the right way.  If you are going to build an indestructible character, you will need to be aware of how friendly, warm, and welcoming you are as a leader.

7. Be Patient.  It takes a tremendous amount of patience to build an indestructible character.  Great character is revealed when people are patient.  If a person has a difficult time being patient, he or she will have a reputation for being impatient, restless, anxious, nervy, irritated, and short-tempered.

8. Be Teachable.  Those with great character are always willing to learn more.  They don’t feel like they know it all.  One of the biggest reasons why people have great reputations is because they are willing to adapt and change.  Nothing in life stays the same, so we should get use to being patient and be teachable if we want an indestructible character.

There are many other ways to build an indestructible character, but I wanted to share a short list of things you could look at today and possibly change or enhance to improve your leadership skills.  Stay tune to future blogs to discover various other ways to develop great character.


Question(s): In what ways have you built an indestructible character for your life?  Or what are some other things you have seen in others with a great reputation?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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