How To Capitalize On Your Creativity


Many times when we discuss creativity, we think about authors, artists, and actors.  It is fascinating watching these individuals express their creative skills in unique ways.

You may never want to publish a book, paint a masterpiece, or win an Oscar.  But I believe you are just as creative as the previous mentioned individuals.

“God created each of us with unique gifts.”


What are you doing with the gift God gifted you with?

What is Creativity?


I am firm believer we all are good at something.  Also, I believe if we are good, we have the potential of being great with that gift.

You possess creativity within you and there are ways of capitalizing on your creativity.

Creativity is just producing something original that has value.

I have enjoyed working with my adult clients when it comes to capitalizing on their creativity through personal and professional development, but I get just as much fulfillment with volunteering my time at our church by working with our youth for the past nine years.

During those nine years, I have seen many brilliant children with great imaginations and ingenuity.  According to research, we all start off with amazing creativity.  However, somehow we begin losing the ability the create as we get older and enter the “real world.”

What if you could grow old and keep a resemblance of your imagination and creativity you had when you were a child?  I think you find yourself being a more prosperous person.

How to Capitalize on Your Creativity


Usually when you hear the word capitalize, it is used with money and sometimes sports.  If you are reading this and you are looking for a more prosperous life, I want to help you.  These eight tips will get you started in the right directions.

1. Focus on you.  I am not putting this point here for you to be selfish, arrogant, or egotistical.  But sometimes we focus so much on others that we neglect ourselves.

In the case of emergencies, there is a reason why adults are to put on the oxygen mask first if you are flying with children.  If you as the adult lose oxygen, you will have absolutely no chance of helping the child flying with you.

The same principle applies to your creativity.  You cannot help anyone else with their creativity if you cannot take time to focus on you and your needs.

2. Identify your strengths.  When you discover your strengths, you more than likely will find a spark for your creativity.  This spark will energize and empower your creativity.

3. Identify your weakness.  When you know your weaknesses, it gives you an idea of some things you can improve.  Improving these areas will further energize and empower your creativity.  No one can be perfect at everything, but do your best to minimize or eliminate your weakness.

4. Believe in yourself.  You may be thinking that this is the same as point one, but it is quite different.  Believing in yourself has to do with you infusing confidence into your creativity.

When you are attempting to capitalize on your creativity, just remember that everyone will not believe in your creativity.  And that is fine.  In the initial stages of your creativity, you may be the only one that believes until you are able to nourish and develop your creativity.

5. Keep a close eye on your success.  You can do this several ways, but I think part of you monitoring the success of your creativity needs to include writing goals and objectives.  Goal writing is an entirely different blog post because there are so many pieces to writing a good goal.

Along with with goal writing, you can use praise from past customers, peers, bosses, etc.  Find a way to keep a close eye on your success.

6. Search for sound encouragement.  Pick out people you esteem that know you and ask them their feelings about your creativity.  It goes without saying, these people should be individuals who will tell you the truth and give you an unbiased constructive feedback.  Ask these people about your strengths and what areas they believe you can improve.  You will be surprise to know some of these people may believe in your creativity more than you.

7. Test yourself.  Do not be afraid to challenge yourself and your creativity.  Up to this point, you have received great feedback internally and externally.  Now, what are you going to do with that feedback?  I hope you thinking of one word, GROW!  It is time to take that feedback and grow.

Growing means taking risks and doing different things to improve your creativity.

8. Give back.  Many of the other points has been about promoting you, but at some point we must find a way to give back to those who looking to capitalize on their on creativity.  There are a number of people who have no idea if they are creative or not.  Others may know the gifts they have been gifted with, but they are unfamiliar the process of how to capitalize on their creativity.

With all that said, know that you need to capitalize on your creativity.  When you capitalize on your creativity, you will find yourself living a more fulfilled life.  Not only will this create better personal opportunities, but it will enable more job and financial opportunities professionally.

I hope this information was helpful, but there are so many other things you may have questions about regarding your creativity.  Please contact me by email and let me know how I can help you capitalize on your creativity.

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Question: Which tip would help launch your creativity to the next level?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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