How to Deal with the Pressures of Life


You have been facing a deadline for a month.  Now, the deadline is one day away.  There is still quite a bit of work to be done to complete the project.  Your other team members are busy with other projects, so you are left trying to pull this project together on your own.

With good intentions, team and / or company wide emails are being sent out to get everyone excited about the project being completed.   However, anxiety begins to fill your heart no matter the intentions.  The clock is ticking and it seems as if the only way this project will be completed is with an individual effort on your part.  And you only have less than a day to do this.

This pressure situation is quite familiar.  You may face several of these situations in a day.  So where do we start in dealing with the pressure?

What is pressure?


Part of human life is dealing with pressure.  Pressure refers to the feeling of being pressed or compressed.  Pressure is part of being human.  The feeling of pressure is usually an urgent demand placed on the mind.  In most cases, we ourselves cause these pressure filled situations.

Many people discuss the negative side of pressure, but pressure doesn’t have to be all bad.  In fact, pressure can enhance, inspire, and motivate a better focus.

Where does pressure come from?


Pressure can come from a variety of sources.  We discussed the business aspect of pressure in our introduction.  It can have an internal or external origin.  Here some examples:

-Parent expectations

-Children expectations

-Work expectations

-Church expectations

-Friend's expectations

-Financial responsibilities

How to deal with the pressure?


Pressure only exists when we are concerned about the outcome.  The key to dealing with this pressure is being proactive.  Start planning and making goals as soon as possible to avoid the pressure building up on you.  Preparation usually kills procrastination.  Many times our pressure comes from being unprepared.  Take a look at this process of dealing with your pressure:

1. Recognize the pressure

2. Develop a plan

3. Make goals

4. Put your plan into action

5. Reassess you plan and goals

There will be some situations when you will be unable to spend a lot of time preparing because the situation will happen quickly and require a quick response.  In that case, you can still use the process previously mentioned.  You would just spend less time developing a plan, making goals, etc.  And your plan will be less detailed and you will have fewer goals.

Regardless of the situation, much of how you deal with pressure comes from your attitude.  You will respond so much better to the various pressures in your life if you are able to control your attitude or emotions towards the pressure.  Turn your pressures into motivation.


How do you deal with pressure? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)


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