How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Life has a way of throwing you the unexpected.  I’ve learned it’s not what’s thrown at you in life, but how you catch it.


Just about every blog I write will always point to changing one’s mental perspective.  Because I believe perspective is the key to moving forward in life.  If your perspective is right, everything else will be right.

It can be easy to write these words down or to say them, but it’s a challenge to practice what we are talking about in this post.  No matter who you are, what position you may hold, how much money you may have, or your age; having the right perspective will be a challenge because of the many variables of life.

Everyday I have to tell myself, “Today will be a great day.”  In addition, I tell myself, “Regardless of what comes my way today, I will have the right perspective.”  It’s called speaking Positive Affirmations to yourself.

Some day’s I excel at it, but other days I fail.  However, know I’m not afraid of failing because failing pushes me closer to consistent excelling.  You may be wondering, what is my greatest fear.  My greatest fear is never trying or dying with regrets.

I will fail and you will fail.  You will get turned down.  People will leave you.  You will be talked about for having crazy dreams.  Family members will tell you that your dreams are impossible.  You may receive a notice of termination at your job.  You may feel stuck in a position where there is a lack of grow.  We will receive 1000 no’s, but know in the process of receiving the no’s you will be closer to receiving that one YES!

Don’t give up! Just remember, every challenge is begging for an action from you.  What will be your action?

I hope you will practice these two actions that has helped me respond to the unexpected.


#1 Keep Calm

Stop worrying yourself to death about things out of your control.

If you receive any form of rejection for whatever reason, just know that person or that situation wasn’t meant to be.  So, keep calm.  Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy.

I saw a quote by Lecrae, a clean inspirational rapper, on Facebook just the other day.  He said, “They can’t drive you crazy if you don’t give them the keys.”  We hand the keys of our life to so many people, which breeds fear because we start to live by someone else’s expectations.

Don’t be afraid to be you.  Keep Calm.  Fear not, be weird!


#2 Carry On

After you have found the will to keep calm, now carry on with your life.  It is not the end of the world because you have received rejection.  It is part of the growth process.  Carry on.  Move forward.  Don’t stop or quit.

Some people do just that, stop and wait for another opportunity.  You have to go out and create an opportunity!  Carry on because life goes on.  If you don’t carry on, you will be left behind.


You can do whatever you want to do.  Be who you want to be.  You can achieve any of your dreams.  Just keep calm and carry on.


Action: Think about a phrase you could use as a Positive Affirmation.  Once you find it, write it down.  Then, every morning speak those words before you start every day.

Question: Have you failed at anything?  What is a Positive Affirmation you utilize?    (Please leave a comment below.)


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