How to Kill the Giants in Your Life


I was speaking with a Twitter friend of mine from Malaysia yesterday.  We had an encouraging conservation about the awesomeness of God.  She shared with me a few prayer requests that were urgent in her life, which gave the inspiration for the blog today.

Facing Giants


Giants have been around for a long time since the B.C. years.  We have heard many Bible stories of giants such as Goliath, the Nephilim, Anakim, Og King of Bashan, and the giants of Egypt.  Furthermore, we have read many fairy tales and watched movies like Jack and the Beanstalk and Lord of the Rings.

In most cases, giants are depicted as monsters of human appearance with breathtaking size and exceptional strength.  Some stories have portrayed giants as friendly.

Are you facing any giants in your life?

We all have giants in our lives.  It may be that dream you are afraid to work on because of the enormous task of starting and nourishing it to make it a reality.  It may be a broken relationship that seems too far-gone to be salvaged.  It may be an out of control financial situation.  It could be an illness or health condition leaving us with many questions and vulnerabilities.  It very well may be a pit of hopelessness from losing a love one.

It may not be as complicated as the previously mentioned situations, but it is still a BIG deal because it an important milestone in your life.  It may be just waiting for a phone call to receive that first new job since being unemployed for several months or years.  It could be taking a test that depends on the direction of your career.

You may only have one giant in your life, but most of us have several giants we have to wake up and face.  Your giant may not be my giant, but there are two things all of our giants have in common which are their size and strength.  These situations mentioned above are all circumstances that can be enormous challenges and can control our lives if we give them power.

How to kill the giants in you life?


Have you ever felt something was impossible?  We all have been there at some point in our lives.

We are familiar with the Bible story of David and Goliath.  There are so many fascinating points we can take away from this story, but the most important point was David’s fearlessness.  When we are facing the giants in our lives, we need to refrain from crying, whining, and throwing ourselves pity parties.  After the pity party is over, the giants of our lives will still be present and ready to control us.

Everyday I wake up; I choose to take control of my life.  I refuse to give anyone or anything power over my life, unless it’s my Father in heaven that created me.

We listen to so many people who speak defeat and negativity into our lives, but sometimes God our Father never has a voice in our life.  We will need to listen to voice of God if we are going to kill the giants in our lives.  Before getting out of the bed in the morning, pray to God and make a promise to yourself that you will not give the giants in your life power to control you.

The situations discussed earlier in our blog are serious issues.  These things can easily throw us into a whirlwind of stress, depression, and confusion giving us a sense of defeat before we can even start to face our giants.  Consequently because of FEAR we find ourselves running, dodging, and avoiding the giants in our lives.  So how do we calm our fears and proceed to killing the giants in our lives?

3 Ways to Kill the Giants in Your Life


1. “All Things Possible” Attitude


With God, all things are possible.  So it takes an “All Things Possible” Attitude to kill the giants in our lives.  Everything in life starts with our attitude.  It we think the right way, we will do the right thing.  This “All Things Possible” Attitude needs to internalize before you meet the giants in your life.  Otherwise, you may never face your giants.

2. Awareness


David faced a challenge before even fighting the giant Goliath.  The king of Israel, Saul, attempted to give David his battle armor.  David could have taken Saul’s battle gear and lost the battle, but he was connected with his heavenly Father’s purpose for his life.  David was aware of his abilities.  He was aware that he knew nothing about the Saul’s weaponry.  So David took what he was familiar and skillful with, which was a slingshot.

While it is important to have the right attitude, we need great awareness.  Awareness to recognize the resources we need to defeat the giants in our lives.

In addition, we need awareness to recognition the giants in our lives.  We discussed many things that may be our giants in the Facing Giants section of our blog.  But sometimes the giant is within us, which we discussed in the Recognizing Your Blind Spot (click link).  Once we can identify our giants, half the battle is won because knowing is half the battle.

3. Assertiveness


Knowing may be half the battle, but doing is the half of the battle.  When need to be assertive if we are going to kill the giants in our lives.  It’s quite fascinating how David met Goliath in their battle.  In other words, he did not sit back and wait for Goliath to meet him.  He took the fight to Goliath.  Many times we are letting our giants bring the fight to us when we should be taking the fight to our giants.


Don’t be afraid to face your giants.  Just as David, be fearless about killing the giants in you life.  There is nothing you cannot do when you have the LORD on your side.


What giants need to be killed in your life?  (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)

Peace and Prosperity,
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