How to Live an Active August


It’s hard to believe that we 60% through this calendar year.  We are continuing with our blog series at the beginning of every month to make your year A Meaningful 2014 (click on link).

We have heard the phrase “Time flies.”

However, sometimes we live like we have all the time in the world.

Before we know it, we will be in 2015.  I know we still have 40% of 2014 left, but what would happen if you were judged by your actions from January up to now?  Would you be happy with the things you have accomplished so far this year?

Whether you are happy or not, there are three steps to making the rest of year successful.

Step 1 - Reflect


So, you want to accomplish more?

Take out a sheet of paper and let’s work on improving your 2014.

Take about 5-10 minutes to reflect and write a few things down.

So, what are you writing down?

Write down those things you have done well.  Write down the challenges and failures that have occurred in the last 7 months.  Lastly, write down what you could have done differently.

Step 2 - Plan


After gathering all the information from your reflections.  It’s now time to draft up a plan.

No one can design your individual plan, but you.  Your plan will look different than anyone else’s, but you must develop a plan dependent on what has been done during the first 7 months.

Set goals.  Make them measurable, but also make them attainable.

Step 3 - Act


You have reflected and designed a plan for success.  Now, you just need to put your plan into action.

Many people reflect for days, weeks, and some months without action.  Some people have a great plan for success, but lack action.

So, the most important step to bringing success in your life is acting on your reflections and planning.

Action makes it all happen.  Don’t let anything stop you.  Get it done!


What actions will you take to make your 2014 a successful year?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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