The smallest things in life can sometimes make the biggest differences.  What would you say if I told you a person has already come up with a perception of who you are in just seven seconds?

The Business Insider describes this in their published article, You Only Have 7 Seconds To Make A Strong First Impression.  It discusses various strategies to help you in those critical seven seconds of first meeting a person.  In other research studies, some research suggests people only have a tenth second to make a first impression.

So are you losing business or failing with relationships before you even have the opportunity to start the relationship?

As a physical therapist, patients and doctors alike are making their first impressions of me before I even introduce myself.  And making a poor first impression can be costly.  In my line of work, it can be the difference in gaining losing the trust of the patient or a referral source.

I have had my fair share of poor first impressions, which can be fixed with just a few details.  And I would like to share with you a few tips to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made and make an unforgettable first impression.

1. Display class.  We have all seen storefront displays that lure us in to shop to spend our hard earned dollars.  Everyday you are on display.  It starts with your presentation from the clothes to style of your hair.  Some jobs have uniforms and others you have to dress according to the company’s policies.  But how do you dress when there’s no dress code?

I have heard people say just be yourself.  But if being yourself is just looking the way you want to look, it could pose a problem for your business or your personal brand.  I was always taught to dress to impress and have neat, clean-cut appearance.  I’m not telling you to buy the most expensive clothes or to get a professional hair stylist.  Whether it is our clothes or hair, it is important to display professionalism through our appearance.

2. Wear a smile.  Not only will people see how we dress and keep our hair, people are checking our smile.

“A smile is an open invitation welcoming people into your life.”

We don’t forget to put on our clothes daily, but putting on a smile daily is just as important as donning your clothes.  A smile is a great way to leave a great first impression.

3. Choose your words carefully.  Usually in the first seven seconds, you don’t have time to speak any words.  But if you end up speaking any words, choose your words carefully.  Speaking inappropriately can leave a very bad first impression.  You may not be talking to person you are trying to make good first impression with, but it can hurt you chances of making a good first impression if they overhear you speaking inappropriately.

4. Let your body speak.  Body language is a critical part of making a good first impression.  It tells people if you are engaged or not with them.  We discussed smiling earlier, but there are other ways your body will speak without saying a word.  Body language such as making eye contact and turning towards the person you are connecting with leaves a good first impression.  It reveals you will possibly be in tune and alert to the individual’s needs.

There’s no reason for you fail at leaving a good first impression.  You already have what it takes.  Just follow these simple tips and discover success with developing unforgettable relationships.  It’s all about relationships anyway, right?

Question:  Are you making an unforgettable first impression on the people in your life?

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

MTN Universal, LLC

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