How to Manage Your Life Under Construction


I am always looking for ways to better myself, which puts my life constantly under construction.  In order to move forward in life, I believe we have to learn how to manage our lives under construction.


Managing your life under constructions means learning the proper technique of building or progressing your life.  I want to share 3 ways to build or progress your life.

#1 Design Your Life


Life is all about preparation.  Without preparation, it’s hard to make any progress.

So to move forward with your life, you will need a plan.  Matter fact, I would have a plan A and a plan B because life is unpredictable.

A plan is always better than having no plans at all.  A plan gives you an idea of what direction you plan on directing your life.  Otherwise, your life will be at the mercy of other people’s plans.

Don’t let anyone make plans for your life.  Take control of your own life and achieve he things you are passionate about in life.

What does a life plan look like?

To have a plan is to have goals that will push you in the right direction.

You don’t want to put together just any goals.  Make them descriptive, measurable, attainable, but also challenging.

#2 Fund Your Design


Once you have a great design for your life.  Then you must fund your design.  I am not specifically referring to money when I say fund your design.  However, it may take you spending money to carry out your design.

Aside from money, you will need to be resourceful and you will need some resources.

There’s a big difference in being resourceful and having resources.

Being resourceful is making due to with what you already have.  To have resources is to have things such as money, material, people, etc. that can help your design.

Many people aren’t successful with constructing their life because they feel it is all about the resources.  Of course, it helps tremendously to have money, materials, and people around you who can help push your design.  However, lacking resources should never stop your life’s design from being able to move forward.

We may not have everything to fund our design fully, but we all have something.  If it is just passion and conviction, you have something.  Maybe it’s a book you need to read to fuel your design, but it’s something.  What ever it may be, focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t have.  Capitalize on those things at your disposal.  Use it to your advantage and as the resources flow into your life, you will be able to push your life closer towards completing your life’s design.  Be resourceful!

#3 Execute Your Design


To put the finishing touches on your life’s construction, you will need to execute your design.  Just having a good plan will not be enough; you will also need good execution.

If you know anything about sports, you are aware that a great plan without proper execution will lead to an unaccomplished goal.   Also, a poor plan with great execution will lead to poor results.  You need a great plan with great execution.

Once you have put together a great design and have discovered the funding needed to push it forward, wait no longer to execute your plans.

You will never feel completely ready, but you are ready!  Construct the life you have always envisioned.


How have you managed your life’s construction?  What have you done to be resourceful in constructing your life?   (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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