How to Speak Life Into Your Dream


We have the power to make our dreams come to life.


We all have somewhat fallen in love with the various smart devices in our world.  Most of these devices use something call Speech Recognition.  We all are familiar with this computer science/electrical engineering on our phones.  However, speech recognition is also present in cars, medical documentation, high-performance fighter aircrafts, helicopters, training air traffic controllers, etc.  Speech recognition is nothing new because it has been around since the start of its research back in the 60’s, but it has improved and become more popular since the 90’s.

What can we learn from the improvements with speech recognition?

Just as we speak to our electronic devices and expect a specific result; the same is the case for our dreams.

We must speak to our dreams, but we need to do more than just speak to our dreams.  We must speak life into our dreams.  So, where do we start?

1. Start Speaking


If you aren’t speaking to your dreams, you shouldn’t expect any results.  I know it sounds crazy, but who else will speak to your dream if you don’t.  The only person that can give life to your dream is you.  So start speaking.

2. Speak Life, Not Death


Okay.  So you have started speaking to your dream, but what do you say?

There isn’t a magical word like “Abracadabra” that will work.  You must speak encouraging, but relevant words to your dream.  What does that mean?

Yes, you want to speak positive, but relevant information when it comes to your dream.  All the information you speak concerning your dream should be positive or encouraging, but that doesn’t mean all the information will necessarily make you feel happy on the inside.  It will take some constructive criticism with some objectivity to measure your progress with your dream.  It will be hard to hear what you aren’t doing right and what you don’t need to do, but keep in mind the final goal is to give your dream life.

It should go without saying that speaking any negativity will kill your dream.  The quickest way to stop your dream before it even starts is speaking death to your dream. Speaking death to your dream includes words or phrases such as “I Can’t,” “There’s No Point,” or “There’s No Use.”

3. Consistently Speak Life


It’s great to speak positive things, but you will need to speak life to your dream more than once to give your dream life.

How consistent should you speak to your dreams?

Your consistency with your dream will depend on where you are with giving life to your dream.  If your dream is brand new, then you will need to speak several times a day to remind you of what needs to be done to make it a reality.  If your dream is close to being a reality, you may not have to speak as often.  But remember, no one will speak life into your dream if you aren’t doing it.


What is your dream?  What words are you using to speak life into your dream? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)

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