How To Turn Everyday Experiences Into Opportunities


We are all looking for opportunities to move forward and better our lives.

I have never been a person that wanted anything just given to me.  I believe a person should work for and earn any and everything received.  When we live with this attitude, we will discover various opportunities to grow our lives.

Are you looking for an opportunity?  When was the last time you gave yourself a promotion personally, professionally, but more importantly spiritually?

Everyday opportunities are staring you in your face.  Sometimes all we have to do is open our eyes and take notice of what is right in front us.  Give yourself a promotion by recognizing the many opportunities in your life.

I would like to share with you some opportunities that may be staring you in the face everyday.  These everyday experiences that are really opportunities will help you grow your life if you are able to capitalize on them.

It all boils down to ATTITUDE!!!

If you can have the right attitude and make the best of your everyday experiences, you will discover many opportunities to improve your life.

In no specific order, here are 20 ways to turn everyday experiences into opportunities.

1. Wake up excited about a brand new day.

2. Pray to the Creator (GOD) of all things.

3. Don’t believe in luck; make opportunities happen by taking action.

4. Avoid jealousy; be happy and inspired by the success of others.

5. Listen attentively to people and let them know you genuinely care.

6. Teach your children how to be God-fearing people of integrity.

7. Hug and kiss those closest to you.

8. Do or give one more.  Don’t do just enough, Go The Extra Mile (Click on link).

9. Learn something relevant everyday and apply it that day.

10. Focus on progression, not perfection.  Do your best, but more importantly get it done.

11. Avoid negative talk from yourself or others.

12. Live in the present and focus on building a bright future.

13. Never give up!!!

14. Encourage and inspire someone else.

15. Be honest with people.

16. Have supreme confidence with everything you do.

17.Pay it forward.

18. Realize you are a leader and have power beyond your imagination.

19. Let your friends know how valuable they are to you.

20. Live for God and your family.

Turn your everyday experiences into opportunities by changing your perspective about your daily routine.


Question: What everyday experience can you turn into an opportunity?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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