Is Your Heart in Shape for 2015?


If you are unable to keep your heart in shape, it will be tough to accomplish any of your life goals or dreams.

The heart is one of the most important organs of the body.  The heart keeps all the organs of the body supplied with blood by its strong pump.

So let us get to the heart of the matter.  Is your heart in shape for 2015?

Here are seven things to sure up to be effective in accomplishing your life’s dreams.

1. Know your history.  Review your family history and examine if there have been any diseases, especially of the heart, that is in your family history.  One of the biggest predictors of heart disease and other heart issues is family history.

2. Gather Baselines.  To advance or move forward with anything in life, you have measure your progress.  Not only do you need to measure, but you need to record your measurements.  If you do not write your findings down, it never happened.

What things should you measure?

You want to check the following:

- Weight, 

- Heart rate, 

- Blood pressure, 

- Resting heart rate,  

- Body mass index,

- Circumferential measurements of waist & heart, and

- Blood Levels (blood sugar, cholesterols, triglycerides, hemoglobin A1c)

3. Manage Your Diet and Weight.  One of the biggest ways to stay healthy is eating right, which is the best way to control your weight.  Poor management of diet and weight can lead to heart issues.

4. Stress Less.  Life can be busy.  We all have a ton on our plate, but we must find a way to remove some of the unnecessary stress.  Also, we should try to get enough sleep to keep our bodies functioning at a high level.  Sleeping is important.  Check out 9 Benefits of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep (click link).

5. Stay active.  We discussed diet being a big portion of keeping your heart in shape, but keep your body active is just as important.  With some form of activity, it can help you control your blood pressure, weight, heart rate, body mass index, and other blood levels.  If you would like to discover several ways to keep your body moving, please check out 3 Reasons to Keep Your Body Moving (click link).

6. Avoid Smoking.  Research suggests that smoking at least doubles your risk of heart disease.  Also, it has been researched that smoking can trigger a heart attack even if your arteries are nearly perfect.  Smoking narrows the arteries and raises your blood pressure, which increases your risk of irregular heartbeat and makes your blood sticky.  This increases your risk of blood clotting causing higher risk of heart problems.

7. Build a strong support system.  You always need supportive people around you, but especially if you are making a decision to keep your heart healthy.  With a consistent supporting crew, you will be able to consistently keep your heart in great shape.  It is nothing like having someone to hold us accountable.

No matter our age, we all should want to keep our hearts in shape.  A heart in shape can make a difference in hearts of many.  It is all about the heart!


Question: With a healthy and in shape heart, what life goals will you be able to accomplish?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall, Sr.
MTN Universal, LLC
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