It's Never Too Late

We have all heard about Diana Nyad.  From news stations, newspapers, to several side conversations; if you have heard anything about her story you have been moved. At the age of 64, Diana Nyad set a goal to swim from Cuba to Florida Keys.  She has set many records, but this one record of swimming from Cuba to Florida Keys was one dream she has set out to achieve since 1978.  Since 1978, she has come short four times of reaching her goal.  But Monday, September 2, 2013, just before 2 pm, her fifth attempt proved what commitment and dedication can produce.  Diana achieved her dream and swam into history.

You may question her strategy of how she did it.  You may even question her decision as to why she did it.  But the one thing you cannot question is her heart to get it done.  This was her personal dream.  No one else’s, so only she could get this done.

It is very inspiring to hear of Diana’s accomplishment.  We all can learn a lesson from this unique situation.  Diana taught us what happens when you connect your heart with your dreams.  After this happens, the results will speak for themselves.  (The rest will be history).

You may be wondering how you can connect your heart with your dreams.  Well, here are 3 ways to do just that, connect your heart with your dream.

3 Ways of Connecting Your Heart With Your Dreams

1) Believe

You first must believe that whatever you are setting out to do is possible.

2) Be Courageous

Without courage, you will be easily discouraged from achieving your dreams.  People will talk, history/statistics may be against you, you will fail before you will succeed, but you must have courage to believe in your dream.

3) Take Action

It is good to talk, but you must have action behind your verbal commitment to achieve your dream.

Practice these 3 ways of connecting your heart with your dreams.   If you practice this technique; not only will you achieve your dreams, but you will also inspire someone else’s dream.

Together, join me in congratulating Diana Nyad for her remarkable accomplishment.   And I congratulate you in advance for your future dream achievements.


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