Juxtapose June


Juxtapose what?

At the beginning of this year, we discussed having A Meaningful 2014.

Although we are six months into this year, it’s never too late.  This is why June is Juxtapose June.  Juxtapose has everything to do with comparing and contrasting things.

No matter whether you have been successful with meeting your beginning of the year goals or not, this is a great time to compare and contrast the direction you are going in and develop a plan of attack to reach your goals.

Don’t wait because your dreams depend on you meeting those goals you set at the beginning of the year.  If the goals you already set aren’t working, reassess and make new ones.  Whatever you do, don’t continue to do the same thing if it isn't working for you.

After you have compared and contrasted your first half of the year, discover what you can do for the last half to make it more successful for you.


How does your first half of the year compare to what you will do in the second half?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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