Knowing the Boundaries in Your Life


I had a conversation with two of my sons this past weekend about rules.  I asked both of them, “Why do we have rules?”  They had similar responses, “For us.”  In an attempt to make this moment a teaching moment, I went to on to explain how everyone has to play by the rules.  As they stared at me, I started to explain how every sport has rules to help make the game fun.

Life is no different; there are rules in life to make our lives better.  You can accept it or fight it, but at the end of the day it’s just part of life.

What are boundaries?


Boundaries are borders, limits, restrictions, or rules.  Everything in life has boundaries, but it is up to us to learn the boundaries of life.  Let’s look at a few examples of boundaries:

  • Unless you live in Germany and are driving on the Autobahn, you have a speed limit.


  • If you are starting a new job, there’s usually a probationary period to receiving benefits.


  • Unless you are on a plane, in space, or you are a bird; you are limited by Earth’s gravitational forces.


  • If you are playing any sport, there are rules to improve the play of the sport.


Know Your Boundaries


Everything in life has boundaries, but do you know your boundaries?

What boundaries exist with you individually?

What boundaries exist with your family?

What boundaries exist with your job?

As I told my sons, boundaries exist to protect and enhance our lives.

If we are not aware of our boundaries, then we will end up hurting ourselves.  If you are starting a business, there are boundaries of how you set up your business and the paperwork needed for your success.  In a marriage, there are boundaries to help keep the marriage fresh and dynamic.  If you are a child, there are boundaries you have to be careful about crossing when it comes to giving adults respect.

Everyone and everything in life has boundaries.  And they only exist to help us.  So, I challenge you to discover your boundaries and let them push you closer to reaching your goals.


What boundaries exist in your life?  (Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below.)


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