Leaders are often viewed as perfect. Followers and others from the outside looking in sometimes make them out to be superhuman. But these thoughts and feelings are far from being the truth. Leaders are human.

I grew up watching a great leader in my father. He was a great leader as a pastor, husband, father, etc. However, with him being a great leader in the many aspects of his life, he is still just like as any other man or woman.

What does this mean?

We are all human. But it also means we also have the opportunity to be great leaders.

Yes, all leaders are human, but there are specific things that set great leaders apart from just any other leader.

What are those specific things? I will share a few of those specific things, but first let’s talk about what defines a leader.

There are many definitions out there to describe the word leader. We also can call out many people who would be considered great leaders.

A leader is simply defined by a person who has followers. You can’t define a leader by good or bad because a leader is one who leads. So I believe we all are leaders whether we accept it or not. Believe it or not, someone is watching you and you are inspiring him or her.

Knowing this, what can you do to be an exceptional leader? Here a few specifics that sets great leaders apart from any other leader.

1. Passion. One of the biggest differences between a great leader and other leaders is passion. When a leader doesn’t have passion, he or she may be lacking conviction. It will be hard to lead anything without belief in something. Any great leader stands for something. You have heard the phrase, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

What do you stand for?

Stand for something and you will discover your passion.

2. Purpose. Everyday we are all trying to live out our purpose. The difference in great leaders and others is great leaders don’t try. Great leaders will always find a way to purposefully live. Matter fact, the passion of great leaders start with them knowing their purpose. Having a purpose is having a life goal.

My life’s goal is to serve. I want to serve God, my family, and my fellow man. This is my life’s purpose and any time I am able to achieve this goal, it fuels my passion.

What is your life’s goal?

3. Respect. Great leaders are respectful. They respect themselves and their followers, but they even respect those who may not approve of their leadership. This is one of the greatest indications of an extraordinary leader.

Since we were kids, we have always been taught the importance of respect. Respect doesn’t mean we compromise our morals and values. It just means we are considerate of others feelings, thoughts, and actions. We may not approve of someone’s behavior, but it is critical to respect everyone.

As leaders, we must see others and ourselves better than we actually are. It is the key to great leadership. Without this attitude, it will limit your ability to lead and take your followers to the next level.

Whether you think you are or not, you are a leader. You don’t have to be superhuman, but you just have to be committed to doing a few things differently.

I want to hear from you. What other ways can you improve your leadership?

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall, Sr.

MTN Universal, LLC

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