Leaders Find a Way


When it seems like there is no way, a leader will always find a way.

My father called me with an interesting dilemma last week.  We had a ice storm a little over a week ago in Nashville.  Because of the ice, my father’s roof developed an ice dam.  The ice dam caused a leak in his home.  He started to call a professional to help with the problem, but decided he would try to fix it himself.

In a safe manner, he climbed on his roof and raked the ice off of his rook where the leak was occurring.  This immediately ceased the leaking.

I think it was pretty interesting that my father knew nothing about fixing an ice dam, but he found a way to solve the problem.

After speaking with my father, it gave me today’s blog topic.

Finding Your Way as a Leader


What things are blocking, hindering, or causing a leak in your leadership?

You may not be in the middle of an ice storm or having difficulties with an ice dam on your roof, but we will always face challenges as a leader.  These challenges are our ice dams.

No matter your leadership role, at some point a leader will find his or herself in situations that require immediate action.  Without immediate action, you may find your leadership being compromised and ineffective.

Waste no time playing with these challenges that can tarnish your leadership, but act swiftly to remove any negativity that may be blocking your growth as a leader.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind as a leader.  These three things will help find a way even when it seems there’s no way.  It will improve your development, discernment, and productivity as a leader.

1. Stay Calm.

2. Assess the situation.

3. Put a plan into place.

Next time you run into a challenge, just remember these three things.  With these tips, you will find a way resolve any issue hat may present itself.


Question: In what ways have you found a way when it seemed there was no way?  Leave your comments below.


Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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