Leaders of Light

“Light is the symbol of truth.”

~ James Russell Lowell


We all lead someone, but how will you lead?

Just because you are a leader doesn’t mean you are leading the right way.

We have seen many be take for granted their position as a leader.

What does it look like?


There many descriptions to describe these leaders, but there are 3 primary descriptions of leaders that take for granted their leadership…

-Unaware they are leading.

-Lead with obscurity.

-Lead with fear.


In contrast, leaders who lead the right way are…

-Leaders of light.

-Leaders who lead with compassion.

-Leaders who aren’t afraid to make tough decisions.


There are many more characteristics of a good leader.  However, of all the attributes a leader can and should have.

The one primary feature is…

Be A Leader of Light.


What is being a leader of a light?

Being a leader of light is simply being a leader of TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY!

At the end of the day, our biggest responsibility is being a leader of light.  The rest will take care of itself.  It was Ella Baker that said…

“Give light and people will find the way.”


Action: Lead with light by always leading with truth and transparency.

Question(s): In what areas of your life have you been privileged to be a leader?  How can you shine more light in that area as a leader? (Please leave a comment below.)

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