“There are three constants in life…change, choice, and principles.” - Stephen Covey

Do you feel you are a leader?  If so, whom are you leading?

I believe we are all leaders, but the real question is are we leading effectively?  The success of our leadership is dependent on if we choose to accept the role of being a leader.  When we volitionally choose to accept the role of being a leader, we then will lead with more awareness and intentionality.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m not a leader?”

You will be surprised how many people don’t feel like they are leaders from managers, supervisors, executives, owners, mothers, to fathers.  Whether you choose to lead or not, you are leading someone.  If you choose not to accept your role as a leader, then you are making a choice to be an ineffective leader.

In the words of Mission Impossible, “Your mission should you choose to accept it” is to lead effectively.  How do you lead effectively?  Leading effectively starts with awareness and intentionality.


Awareness is “knowing.”  Knowing who you are leading, why you are leading, and how you are leading.  Every thing we do has purpose.  You have to discover the purpose for your leadership.  It not only helps the people following you, but it gives your life more meaning.

When you are aware, there are some mistakes and oversights you will just not make.  Even when you are aware that you are a leader, you still need to be aware of other things such as your strengths, weaknesses, and any other tendencies that could possibly enhance or degrade your effectiveness as a leader.


Intentionality has to do with your purpose as a leader.  Every successful leader has had a plan for success.  Once you are aware, you have to be detailed and specific about what you will do and what you expect as a leader.  Without intention, you may find yourself floundering as a leader.

Achieving your dreams and goals will be easier when you are intentional because you will be paying close attention to the slightest changes and details, which will greatly assist you with becoming an effective leader.

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Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall, Sr.

CEO & President of MTN Universal, LLC

Coach, Speaker, Trainer of the John Maxwell Team

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