“There are three constants in life…change, choice, and principles.”

~Stephen Covey

Do you believe you are a leader? Are you making a conscious effort to lead? If so, whom are you leading?

The beautiful thing about life is having the power to choose. We are in control over whether we win or lose. We choose whether we are going to fail or be successful. It’s all about the choices we make.

No one is perfect, but that should not stop you from making a decision to lead. Every mistake we make is an opportunity for us to learn and grow from it. One of the greatest leaders in our sports world spoke about perfection. Vince Lombardi said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

You will catch excellence when you make a choice to lead. It can be hard at times, but we all have this power within us. Many people think great leadership is all about making choices, but sometimes the best choice is choosing not to choose. Choosing to lead means:

- Leading by example,

- Standing alone at times,

- Doing what’s right,

- Understanding that every choice has a consequence.

Are you choosing to lead your life? If you are or not, let me share 2 choices you can make to empower your life.

1.  Develop yourself.

How can you lead anyone else if you cannot lead yourself? One of the greatest choices you can make as a leader is choosing to develop and invest in yourself. You will need to stretch yourself, but it will take work.

Anthony J. D’Angelo said, “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” This attitude will help your leadership skills. Success will be inevitable because you will search for every opportunity to better yourself.

2.  Develop others.

How are you developing others? Leading has everything to do with someone following you. So for you to be a great leader, you will need to also need to invest in others. 

Investing in others makes our world a much better place. Michael W. Smith declared, “Transformation in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people.” How are you transforming the lives of others? Our leadership should naturally develop and bring the best out of our followers.

Everyday we are presented with many choices. But what are you doing to make the right choice? In the words of Jean-Paul Sarte, “We are our choices.”

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