Let It Snow

Snowflakes are beautiful, but their true beauty lies in their uniqueness.


It just snowed earlier this week in Nashville.

While watching the snow fall, I couldn’t help but think of the beautiful patterns of each snowflake.

Although not every snowflake is one hundred percent different, each has it’s own unique pattern.  Just like every human; we have our own distinct personalities, life goals, careers, etc.  That’s what makes us all WEIRD!

When a snowflake is falling from the heavens, it has no time to critique the snowflakes around it.


Each snowflake has enough to worry about when it comes to its journey from the heavens to Earth.

We may not be just like snowflakes, but we have similarities.

As humans, our journey is from Earth to the heavens.

Why travel this journey attempting to be anything, but YOUrself.

We were created to be weird.


Don’t be afraid of weird.  Weird Gets A Bad Rap. (Click on link)

So, there’s nothing else left to do, but to let your weirdness fall like the snow.

Let it snow!


Action: Don’t let anyone else dictate your destiny, trust the gifts and skills God gave you and be weird.

Question(s): What do you have to lose by being yourself? (Please leave a comment below.)

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