Life and Hair Cuts

I was cutting my oldest two boys hair this past weekend.  By the way, the best thing my boys like about getting hair cuts is when it is over.  Every other second both boys while getting their hair cut would ask me the same question at least 30 times, “Daddy is it over yet.” I manage to cut their hair without cutting off any ears or messing up their hair by leaving uneven craters in their beautiful curly hair.  While cleaning up the cut hairs, today’s blog topic came to mind.

Life and Hair Cuts

In our lives, sometimes all we need is a hair cut.

Not a literal hair cut, but we need to cut some things out of our lives.

You may be asking yourself, “What can I cut out of my life, I need all of it?”

That very well could be the problem.

We all need to cut some things from our lives.


So here’s a thought…

Take some time to analyze those things that need to be cut out of your life.

Don’t stop there…

Go ahead and cut those things out to make you better.  (Fear Not Be Weird)

One more step…

After you make your cuts, don’t go back and try to add back those things.

Just like the the hair we cut off of our heads, please throw away those things holding you and your dreams back.


Be the wEiRd this world needs!
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