Life's Replay Button


It would be great if our lives came with a replay button.  However, what would you do with a replay button?  Would you change some things or would you keep living the same?


I believe we all would change some things.  We would examine the footage of our life and make the necessary changes to be successful.

Since we do not have a literal replay button, how do we examine the footage of our lives?

Understanding Your Replay Button


Everyone’s replay button is different, but we all have one.

For me, my replay button consists of 2-3 meditation periods a day.  I know it may seem hard to find time to meditate, but it works for me.  It allows me to reflect on the past and how I can live better in the present.

You have to do whatever it takes to make your life a success.

Along with my meditation periods, I love Getting Out of My Fog and Getting into the F.O.G (click on the link).  In the face of God, He reveals amazing things about His plans for my life.  His stored memory is much better than my memory.  God has a great memory and unlimited bonus footage of men and women in the Bible that has attempted to do it the wrong and right way.   So, I love having God as a replay button.

You can use trustworthy people who love you.  It may be a parent, sibling, spouse, friend, etc.; the key is he or she must be loving and trustworthy to you!  A loving and trustworthy person will not sit by and watch you fail at life.  Before that happens, they will intervene with their love.

If you love to write like I do, your replay button may be writing.  Start a journal.  Start writing about what happens during your days.  You will then be able to keep track of valuable factual information that one day you can look back and find positive or negative patterns in your life.

No matter what your replay button may be, you need to understand your own person replay button.

How to Push Your Replay Button?


What good is it for you to have worked on understanding your replay button, but then you don’t use the button to better your life?

When you discover your replay button, make sure you are making it work for you.


Capitalize on have your own personal replay button.

If it is journaling, be creative with the various ways you journal.

Here are some tips on how to push your button, if you replay button is journaling:

  1. How many times a day will you journal?
  2. How detailed will you be with your journaling?
  3. Who will be able to read your journal (Personal vs. Public)?
  4. Who will hold you accountable to consistent journalize your thoughts?
  5. Will you journal with pen and paper or a computer?

The list could on and on, but it is your creativity that will drive your ability to effectively push your replay button.  If nothing else, you have more information about who you are and the person you are becoming.

This process applies to any replay button you will decide to utilize to better your life.

If you are having difficulties understanding or pushing your button, find someone who can help you discover and exercise these tools.

Although we don’t have a literal replay button, we all have a replay button that will benefit our life.

Find it.  Nourish it.  Protect it.  More than anything, TAKE ADVANTAGE of it!


What’s your life’s replay button?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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