Living For The Weekend

I don’t think we need any research to make the assumption that most people live for the weekend.

I’m not saying it is wrong and I understand why we love our weekends.

The weekend’s are the only times we can spend a wealth of time with our friends and families without watching the clock.

We have to make ourselves get out of the bed on week days, but on the weekends we naturally wake up before our work wake time.  Right?

Matter fact, we usually go to bed later, but we will find a way to wake early to do those things in which we love on the weekends.

Just think, what if we treated week days like weekends.

In all of my comings and goings, I have consistently noticed a gloominess on Mondays and increased excitement on Friday’s.

On Monday’s, when I say, “Good Morning.”  Some people are reluctant to speak or they say “It’s Monday” in the tone of Oscar the Grouch.

On Friday’s, people barely let me get out my “Good Morning” before they say “It’s Friday.”

There’s no shock that Friday is the most anticipated day of the week.

In addition, it’s no surprise that Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.

Matter fact, Monday has the highest rate of job quits and heart attacks.


Maybe Monday is just quitting day.  Or could it be that doctors only can diagnose heart attacks on Monday.

More than likely, it’s the perceived stress we believe Monday will bring.

 Instead of perceiving stress, perceive the best!

Perceive that Monday’s will be the best day of your week by thinking on those good things that could happen on Monday.

Think about this thought…

Living for the weekend’s will waste your life away.

If we consider the weekend as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Living for the weekend’s means you are looking forward to…

  • 3 out of 7 days a week,

  • 75 out of 168 hours a week,

  • 300 out of 672 hours a month,

  • 3,600 out of 8,064 hours a year, and

  • 144 out of 365 days a year.


Whether you love Friday’s or not, living for the weekend means you are enjoying less than half of your year.

More importantly, it means you are only living and enjoying only half of your life.

Be excited that Monday moves you closer to you achieving your dreams and aspirations!

Since Friday is a great day for most, change the norm and be weird by making everyday Friday?

With that said, SMILE (click the link) and ENJOY your weekend.

But, be ready for Monday.

Please share your thoughts with our other readers about how can you make everyday a Friday?  There are many ways to do this, but share how you will make Monday through Thursday more exciting?


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