Look Up!


When we transition into adulthood, we grow out of many things we once did as a children.  Rightfully so.

As a child, I would just look up.  I would look up in amazement of the colorful blue hues in the sky.  I was in amazement of the stars, the sun, the moon, the clouds, the rain, and rainbows.  I have always been amazed by my surroundings, especially nature and my love for being outside.

Still Looking Up


As an adult, I’m still looking up.

I still look up in amazement of the beauty that spans across our skies.  However, I now look up in amazement and awe for who created the natural and beautiful artwork.  Frankly, it is unfathomable!

No matter what I am going through, good or bad, I look up.

I don’t look up out of arrogance or conceit.  I will never look up to ignore the present problems of our world.  I look up because there’s no sense in looking back, looking side to side, or even looking forward.

I look up because of the importance of my vertical relationship.  I look up for the hope that lies before me. I look up to find the positive in everything.  I look up to see things from God’s perspective.

Why Look Up?


It is important to look up to turn your attention to things that matter most; to examine your expectations.  Looking up can give you a new or different sense of direction.

So, give it a try.  Take some time today, everyday, to step outside and bask in the glory around you; breathe in your surroundings and look up!

Look up to God!


Question:  What childhood memory or activity can you recall that takes you to your happy place or helps you keep things in perspective?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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