“When you believe in what you’re doing and use your imagination and initiative, you can make a difference.” ~Samuel Dash

What do you think about the predicament of our world?  Are you helping to positively change the world?  Or are you on the sidelines critiquing those who trying to make a difference?

I just would like to share a few words today about being a person who makes a difference.

There are people complaining and murmuring about our world issues.  Others are dissatisfied with their own lives.

At the end of the day, we have to keep in mind that what we do daily will make a difference.  We are all responsible for changing our world in a positive way.  How are you positively changing the world?

I will never forget a young man I saw in a construction zone about a year ago.  I was headed home when I noticed something fascinating in a construction zone.  Most of the construction workers looked unenthused, but there was one guy that stood out.  He stood out so much that I still haven’t forgotten him even a year later.

At the hottest time of the day, this guy was making a difference while working outside in 92-Degree weather.  This young man left a lasting impression on my mind for several reasons, which I will explain shortly.  Just as this young man was making a difference a year ago, you should be making just as much of a difference today.  Here are three keys to making a difference.

1.    Be Friendly.

How friendly are you?  There is no reason for you not to be friendly.  Just yesterday, I experienced an amazing positive interaction with a patient.  She was so kind and positive that she inspired me yesterday.  She was just being herself, but her remarkable spirit stood out just as the young man I passed in the construction site.

The young man at the construction site was waving at anyone who made eye contact with him.  How many people do you speak to in a day?  Or are you too busy?  It only takes one or two seconds to say his to someone.  I have seen people make it a point to speak to another person only for the other person to ignore them.

One of the greatest things you can do to improve your success is by being friendly.  Any relationship you will develop usually will start with friendliness.

2.    Have Fun.

Do you find a way to have fun everyday?  The young man was listening to his music and dancing while still doing his job.  He seemed to be having fun and making the most of his responsibility.

3.    Do Your Job.

Another thing that impressed me was this young man’s focus about getting his job done.  Although he was being friendly and having fun, he was definitely doing his job.  He was paying close attention to the details of his job by directing the traffic.

With your job, are people / customers able to experience a person who is friendly, fun, and focused on getting the job done?  What you do everyday makes a difference.

“Big things happen because of the small things we do.”

Everyone wants to be relevant.  Just remember that your relevance depends on your ability to add value to others.

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