“In the end , it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.” - Abraham Lincoln

It’s easy to look back on your past mistakes, former accomplishments, or even get caught up looking for future success.  But the best leaders make their leadership count by taking advantage of the here and now. 

Living in the present is important whether you are leading a business or caring for your family.  The best way to make your leadership count is by living in the present.  You will develop deeper relationships and create many opportunities for future growth as a leader if you will only focus on the present.  Let’s discuss three ways to make your leadership count.

1.    Slow down.  Contrary to popular belief, you should take your time and savor the moment.  Many businesses pride themselves on having fast and quick customer service.  I have heard and seen leaders make rash decisions.  There is nothing wrong with making quick decisions.  It is needed at times.  However, there are times when a fast response can compromises a person’s life or organization.

If you needed medical assistance, would you like a physician who spends time listening and answering your questions?  Or would you rather have a physician who spends less time with you leaving you with unanswered questions?

We can all benefit from slowing down.  Slowing down helps us to clearly think and make a well informed decisions.  Try it next time you have to make a decision.  Take some time before deciding how you want to lead.

2.    Learn.  One of the greatest things you can do as a leader is continue to learn.  As a leader, you learn by reaching beyond yourself.

How are you learning?

Learning is the key to making the most of your leadership.

3.    Live in the moment.  Must I say more for this point?  No one lives forever, but you can leave behind a legacy if you decide to live in the moment.  Be present and don’t miss any of opportunities to enjoy the gift of life.  Try to make the best of each situation no matter how bad a situation may be.  Life is good if you believe life is good.

You can always find the negative in a situation, but good leaders are able to see the best in every situation. To do this you must understand the Latin aphorism Carpe Diem, which means “Seize the day.”  Enjoy every moment of every day and make your leadership count.

Never take for granted your opportunities to lead.  If you are in a position of leading someone, make the most of that situation. Get pass the past, stop looking towards the future, and live in the present.  Doing this will help you make the most of your leadership.

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