Make Your Mark


The real mark of a good man or woman isn’t defined by a job, money, economic status, or any other materialistic possession.  If those things were determining factors, there would be many wonderful people left out of the conversation of being good men and women.

My parents always strongly encouraged serving mankind.  (I have had my challenges in this area, especially in my younger days.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for you to neglect self.

However, I’m Not Promoting Selfishness.  It’s quite easy to become a self-centered person and only take care of number 1.  It happens and people don’t even realize it.

How many times have you judged and/or ignored the needs of someone who was in need of your service?

Many people are in need of healing from past hurts and pains.

Be the change our world needs. A politician can't do it for you.  A preacher can't do it for you.  A teacher can't do it for you.  A friend or family member can’t do this for you.  It starts with YOU!


Try these three things to Make Your Mark starting today.

  1. Change Your Mind (Change the way you view yourself and others)
  2. Find Balance in Your Life
  3. Sacrificially Give Of Yourself (Remember time is more important than money.)


If you will try these three things, you will find it easier to Connect Your Heart With Your Dreams and will leave behind a legacy for everyone who enters your space.

Change this world in a positive way.

These are just a few very important things I believe will help you make a mark.  Share other ways we can make our mark and leave behind a legacy?


Be the wEiRd this world needs!
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