Meditations of the Heart

Can you relate to any of these?
Making To Do Lists.
Setting priorities for work projects.
Carrying out Family/husband/wife/parenting responsibilities.
Tidying up the house.
Grocery shopping.
Exercising body and mind.
Moral responsibilities.
Daily Bible Study and Prayer.
Practicing patience.
Not enough time in the day.
Procrastination ( ENEMY # 1).
Oops, Oh Yeah, that was due when?
Make each moment count.
Make memories.
Pick-up this at this time.
Don’t forget this.

And the list goes on and on..... Sometimes I fall guilty to running around like a chicken with my head cut off and that no longer works for me.

I LOVE order and organization.

I have a need for it. I am sure several of you can relate!

Therefore, I always love a challenge to better myself.  And, I am always looking to progress to my next level of fear not be weird!

I believe we are all in constant search for inner peace.

I also love acronyms that I can recite and include in my daily meditations of my heart to help me recall something.

So on that note, I present to you: RDF! I know you're asking what in the world is RDF?

It is a:






In everything, everyday, and in all that I do, I am striving for RDF!!!

My RDF has to be renewed each day because every day presents new mercies and new challenges!

But with my RDF, I challenge myself to be renewed in my mind and spirit each day and renewed multiple times throughout the day.



It’s a challenge to be disciplined.

But, I must discipline myself...

Discipline myself to study, meditate, and pray daily.

Discipline myself to pray daily without ceasing as there is much to pray and commune with God about.

Discipline myself to conquer the day ahead of me.

Discipline myself to renew, re-arrange, and respond appropriately to any curve balls thrown my way.

Now, this 'D' in RDF can also mean diligence or determination, but I choose discipline because if I practice discipline I must be diligent and determined to apply discipline.



Lastly, there's the need for focus.

Don't forget about the previous post on FOCUS (click the link).

I need, I want, and I desire a great renewed and disciplined focus.

I intend to establish a clear view / focus of what needs to be accomplished for my tasks, to do’s, inner peace/peace of mind, etc.

For this focus to occur, I must practice quiet time to arrange my thoughts, my plans, my prayer that I can be productive and accomplish what God wants and not just what I want by what I know and can see.

Why don’t you join in on this challenge and think about what in your life requires some RDF.

How do you intend to gain RDF daily?

Today, we are offering to you for FREE, a printable PDF poster of RDF for you to print out and put on your mirror as a daily reminder or post on your cubicle wall or placed somewhere that you will constantly see it and strive to practice RDF daily!


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