Merciful March


March is here, but where is your compassion?

As long as we have life, we should demonstrate a compassionate spirit.

Mercy is defined as compassionate or kindly forbearance shown towards an offender.

To have a successful and meaningful 2014, you will need a merciful heart.

We shouldn't possess a merciful heart only during the month of March, but it should be daily challenge.

3 Reasons To Be Merciful

1. Jesus was merciful

One primary reason for us to embrace the spirit of being merciful should be because our Savior, Jesus Christ, gives it to us.

Knowing how much our Savior sacrificed for us when we didn’t deserve it is quite a humbling thought.  That thought alone should move us to be merciful with others.

2. Free our minds

Without the presence of mercy, negative emotions will control our minds.  Being merciful to those who may not deserve it releases our minds from any bitterness and resentment.

Without a doubt, these emotions will hinder us from being productive in 2014; so rid yourself of these emotions by being merciful.

3. We reap what we sow

Be merciful to others because someone was merciful to you.

If you reflect on your life, you will discover several experiences in which you did not receive what you really deserved because someone was merciful to you.

Sometimes we forget, but it is now time to pay it forward.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

Matthew 5:7


Once we possess a heart full of mercy, it will be a natural phenomenal for you attract the mercy of others because of your humility.


Action: Find a way to be merciful in a situation you usually wouldn’t show mercy.  Then, document your experience and watch how it positively affects your life.   

Question(s): Do you remember a unique life experience when you received mercy, but you knew you deserved justice? (Please leave a comment below.)

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