Mulligans and Life

Our last post on Friday was Stay the Course.  Well, after writing that blog post, I wanted to add just a little more golf / life insight. A Mulligan is a golf shot not counted against the score, permitted in unofficial play to a player whose previous shot was poor.  In other words, it is a redo or a do over shot.

For an amateur golfer like myself, somedays I need a Mulligan just about every hole.

However, if you remember the definition for a mulligan, it applies to unofficial play.

In life, there is never a time when we can live unofficially.


There are some decisions and choices we make that affords us the opportunity to have second chances.

However, there aren’t many situations in life where we get more than one shot.  Think about it…

So, instead of focusing on the use of Mulligans, make sure every shot is your best shot.


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