We are all comfortable with the old, but there’s nothing like the NEW!

There’s nothing like…

  • The Smell of a New Pair of Shoes
  • The Smell and Look of a New Car
  • The Smell of a Brand New Book
  • A Brand New Day
  • New Ideas
  • New Mercies
  • New Love
  • A New Baby

Every day we are challenged to move from the comfort of the old and to step into the obscurity of the NEW.

Why should you step into the obscurity of the new?

There are many reasons, but the primary reason is because change is GOOD!

Change is GOOD!

The world is constantly changing, but are you?  If you are not changing, you are missing out on a tremendous benefit for your life.

Change promotes difference, which adds value to you and your life.  The old is comfortable, but no one wants the results of having the same.

Would you like the same position at work without any raises or positional changes?  How about wearing the same clothes or shoes for the rest of your life.  What if you never grew, but stayed the same weight and height throughout your entire life?

We are a people, naturally driven by the New.

We are constantly making new things.  Buy a 2D one day, you’ll need 3D the next.  Buy one type of phone one day, you’ll need a new and improved phone the next.  Every single day, NEW is being pushed to its limit.


Because we understand, the New causes change.  And if we are willing to change, Change is GOOD because it keeps us fresh and alive.


Action: Look for new opportunities for you to grow and develop your mind.

Question(s): There are plenty of new things we all enjoy.  What are some things you enjoy that are NEW? (Be New!  Please leave a comment below.)

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