One Thing Everyone Wants from You and 20 Ways to Give It


Many people may say that they don’t want anything from anybody, but there is one thing that everyone you meet wants from you.


Everything changes with time and nothing stays the same, with the one exception being God.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.” - Hebrews 13:8


The One Thing


I know your dying to know the one thing.

“Everyone wants recognition.”


It’s quite normal for us to look for recognition after completing various tasks, especially if that task is of great significance.  Which leads to the question of, “Are we driven by recognition?”

There is a reason behind every human action.  Subconsciously, many people are looking for recognition.  Does that mean that we should seek out recognition?

I firmly believe no one should seek the praise of another man.  Regardless of our motives and intentions, we are all in need of some form of recognition.  Recognition is just another form encouragement if done the right way.  Recognition and encouragement is very helpful whether we are able to give it or receive it.

Here are some positive words of recognition that you can use to help recognize those things done well by people in your life:

Positive Words of Recognition

1.   Thank You!

2.   You are Great!

3.   Excellent Job!

4.    You are Amazing!

5.   Fabulous Work!

6.   You can Do It!

7.   Exceptional Job!

8.   Thank you for your advice.

9.   You are a blessing.

10.   I admire your strength.

11.   Thank you for your insight.

12.   You are an inspiration.

13.   Great way of masterfully completing your task.

14.   Outstanding!

15.   Great Commitment.

16.   Beautiful Imagination.

17.   Great Passion!

18.   Great Tenacity!

19.   Exceptional intuition!

20.   You are a masterpiece!

I know some of these phrases are a little corny, but use one of the phrases to recognize or encourage someone.  Furthermore, make up your own words of positive recognition.


Question: How do you give positive recognition an encouragement to those who deserve it?  Leave your comments below.


Peace and Prosperity,
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