Opportunity Knocks


Everyday you wake, you have an opportunity to live the best day of your life.

A new day is just that…NEW!

New perspective.  New goals.  New actions.  New dreams.  New opportunities.

When you don’t feel each day is new, maybe things are little too old and stale.  (No, I’m not talking about your age.)  And I’m not suggesting for you to get rid of your old possessions or relationships, unless they are denying you of what’s NEW.

Nothing should deny you the New that life has to offer.

It’s time for New Purpose.

A new reason to wake up.  A new reason to go to work.  A new reason to laugh.  A new reason to love.  A new reason to live.

Everyday, opportunity is knocking!

There are 5 things you should do when opportunity knocks on your door:

  1. Listen to the knock (Every opportunity won’t knock the same way.)
  2. Answer the door (It sounds simple.  However, many people have worthy opportunities, but never find the courage to open the door.  And they pass up legitimate opportunities to better their lives.)
  3. Ask questions about the opportunity  (Investigate the opportunity.  Even if you have an excellent opportunity you need to know what you are getting yourself into.)
  4. Decide whether it is a worthy opportunity knocking (Not every opportunity is meant for you to take)
  5. Pursue it passionately


What will you do when opportunity knocks?

Be the wEiRd this world needs!
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