Painting the Colors of Your World


It’s a fascinating thing to see a professional in his or her environment.  Watching a painter can be a unique experience.  He or she has to have vision, insight, and tons of creativity to make something from nothing.  With a blank canvas, a painter creates a masterpiece with a variety of colors and brush strokes.


Our lives are much like painting on a blank canvas.

Rather than focusing on what you don’t have to be successful, instead focus on the resources you already have to paint the colors of your world.

For the most part, we all have the same colors and brushes to create our masterpiece.  But make no mistake about it; the most important part of creating your life’s masterpiece has everything to do with your brush strokes.

How’s Your Brush Strokes?


Living in our world can be complicated because of the many distraction, which we discussed in the Why is ME Time Essential? (click on link).

Even with all the distractions, it’s our choice to be positive or negative with our outlook and our actions.

If your life is going to be a masterpiece, you will need to differentiate between a positive and negative brush stroke.

Positive Brush Strokes includes the following:

  • Motivation
  • Preparation
  • Exploration
  • Realization
  • Restoration
  • Conviction
  • Evaluation
  • Dedication

Negative Brush Strokes includes the following:

  • Procrastination
  • Restriction
  • Limitation
  • Trepidation

Are you Ever Finished with Your Masterpiece?


You will always be creating and putting finishing touches on your masterpiece.  Unlike a traditional painting, your masterpiece will never truly be a finished work of art until the day you die.

The key is to consistently live with grace.  Life will continue to present a plethora of opportunities for you to make positive brush strokes and to move forward with your life’s masterpiece, if you will live gracefully.

Paint the colors of your world with positive brush strokes and leave behind a legacy to positively influence our world.


How are you painting the colors of your world?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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