Pay It Forward


It’s fascinating what can happen when we help others.  I came across this video and it moved my spirit.  I know you will be forever changed by it as well.


Sometimes we believe it takes big deeds of love or kindness to change our world, but it’s actually the little things we consistently do daily.  One of the biggest ways to make our world a better place is to help someone else.

“Giving a little consistently makes a BIG difference.”


It’s all about GIVING!  No matter how big the gift or action, the key is to consistently give.  When we all consistently give a little, no one has to give big.  It works in all aspects of our lives.  When we give, it naturally comes back to us.  Don’t wait any longer.



When we are paying it forward our last worry should be receiving anything from it.  Our primary focus when paying it forward should be having sincere concern to help someone else.

Everyone is in need of something.  If we are there during their time of need, the question is will we attempt to meet the need?

Please take some time to help someone else.  Just remember, you never know when you will be in need.  There are 3 reasons to pay forward:

1. To Glorify God

2. To Help Others

3. To Help Ourselves

The more we help others will cause us to develop a heart of compassion and sincerity for mankind.  This pushes us to be better people.  Therefore, we in turn make our world a better place.  You may be asking the question, “How do I pay it forward?”

Here are a few ways to consistently pay it forward daily:

- Smile and say Good Morning to someone,

- Introduce yourself and someone uneasy feel appreciated,

- Pray with someone in need of comfort,

- Help a homeless person with a dollar,

- Hold the door open for the person behind you,

- Donate your old clothes to some in need,

- Tell your waiter/waitress how great they were, if they served you well,

- Donate blood (One pint can save up to three lives),

- Listen to someone else’s problems without interrupting,

- Volunteer with various organizations (churches) needing help,

- Share your umbrella with a stranger on a rainy day,

- Pick up something dropped by a stranger,

- Pay for someone else’s meal or coffee,

- Check on someone who looks lonely,

- Read to your child or any child,

- Babysit for couples that are unable to spend alone time otherwise,

- Buy diapers, wipes, or baby toys for a family in need,

- Pick up trash off ground to save our earth,

- Stand up for someone who will not stand up for his or herself,

- Teach someone a skill,

- Save a stray cat or dog, or

- Compliment someone who deserves it.


Question: There are many other ways to pay it forward, so what are some other ways that we can help others?  Please share one way to make our world a better place.  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
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