Pour Out Your Life


We all have been blessed with unique gifts, but what are you doing with your gifts?

One of my life goals is to be blessing to everyone who enters my space.  I want to serve and assist as many people while I have life.  So I try to take every opportunity to first serve, and then look to be served.

Is it possible for us to go through life daily and take for granted our gifts?

I believe our lives are like cups and we should be pouring our lives into others.  Good leaders lead with integrity and live pouring these five gifts into others.

1. Positive Attitude.  One of the biggest tools you can someone is the ability to be positive.  A positive attitude can make a big difference.  It will turn an inopportune situation into an opportunity.

2. Belief.  There’s nothing better than helping someone to believe.  When the chips are down, we all need affirmation to believe that things can get better.

3. Confidence.  One common denominator of the successful is confidence, not arrogance.  Yes, you may run into some successful people that are arrogant.  However, you need and must be able to inspire confidence in those following you.

4. Humility.  There’s nothing wrong with being confident so you can be at your best, but it needs to be coupled with humility.  Humility keeps away arrogance.  The last thing anyone needs is arrogance because arrogance can destroy a person.

5. Compassion.  When it comes to gift of compassion, it all boils down to three words - Good leaders care!

As a leader, we should be pouring these gifts into any and every one who enters our lives.  If we do not have these gifts to give, then we must find a way to surround ourselves with leaders with these gifts.


Question: How are you pouring out your life?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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