Raised on a Crease


You are probably wondering where I’m going with our topic for today.  I think you will find today’s topic quite interesting.

As a child, I always just wanted to throw on my clothes and go, but it never worked that way.  Any time I would go out in public my father and mother would say, “You are going to look presentable when you are out in public.”

When I was a younger, I would always wonder why my parents would iron everything.  They would iron jeans, t-shirts, polo’s, and of course any formal clothing.  Well they would iron just about everything, excluding under garments.

Ironing is a lost skill these days.  I see more people these days that could care less about ironing, and others who hate it. There are a few people who love  to iron, but for the most part many people think its a chore.  I think it depends on the situation.  I don’t believe everything needs ironing, but there are two important life lessons I learned from ironing.

Life Lesson #1 - Appearance is everything.


We have always heard,

“First impression is sometimes the only impression.”


I have interviewed people for medical professional positions who looked like they just stepped out of bed because they had wrinkles in every piece of their clothing.  What would you do if you were hiring someone for a professional position, but they came with wrinkles in every piece of clothing from head to toe?  I think it would be a quick interview.

Everyday we step out our door we are selling something.  Do you know what you are selling?  Then you have to ask yourself, “Who is buying what I’m selling?”

Whether you think you are selling or not?  You are, because someone is always looking at you.  You may not care if someone is looking at you, but you always want to put your best foot forward.  First impression is sometimes the last impression because we never know if we will have another opportunity.

Life Lesson #2 - Discipline will get you to the next level.


Just like anything else in life, ironing takes patience and time.  In other words, there aren’t any short cuts when it comes to ironing.  Ironing forces you to do it the right way.  Otherwise, it will be noticeable by the wrinkles in your clothes.

Life is no different.

“There are no short cuts in life.”  


Taking short cuts will leave you void of achieving your life goals.  We need discipline to move to our next level in life.

You don’t have to be raised on crease like I was, but understand that the process of ironing teaches us two important life lessons.


Question: What are some other activities and life lessons you learned as child?  Leave your comments below.


Peace and Prosperity,
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