Reasons To Keep Your Mind Sharp


My wife and I are always trying to figure out how to keep our minds sharp.  We feel it is important to the success of our family.

The one thing movies such as Limitless, Inception, Lucy, and Good Will Hunting have in common is being a better version of you by increasing brainpower.

I can vividly remember some days when I have felt my mind isn’t as sharp as it should be.  I am still functional in every sense of the word, but I just don’t feel on top of my game.

Have you ever had this feeling?

Today’s blog will help you discover why and how to keep your mind sharp.

Why You Should Keep Your Mind Sharp


Everyday we will face many challenges and responsibilities that requires us to keep our minds sharp.

There are many people depending on you.  And even if only one person is depending on you, I believe it is reason enough to keep your mind sharp.

Who is dependent on you and your mind being sharp?

I don’t believe your brain can be at it’s best until you know yourself and your needs.  It was Bernard Baruch who said,

“Only as you do know yourself can your brains serve you as a sharp and efficient tool.  Know your own failing, passions, and prejudices so you can separate them from what you see.”

Being yourself helps with sharpening your brain, but also sharpening your brain helps you discover who you really are.

How To Keep Your Mind Sharp


We have discussed being you in the blog titled, 3 Powerful Ways to Market Yourself (Click on link).  Today let’s talk about how to keep your mind sharp.  There are 6 Strategies To Keep Your Mind Sharp.

1. Exercise Your Body.  The best way to exercise your mind is to exercise your body.  It is a natural phenomenon to increase brain activity with bodily exercise.  As one of my professors would say in Physical Therapy school, “Everything in our bodies loves oxygen.”  The brain is no different.  Exercise increases oxygen to all your body parts, which includes our brains.

2. Exercise Your Mind.  There are many ways to exercise your mind such as crossword puzzles, brainy games, etc.  I think one of the best ways to exercise your mind is by reading.  It was Harry S. Truman that said,

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

I do believe we all are leading someone, which means we all should be reading.

3. Quiet Your Mind.  Sometimes all you need is a little quiet time to boost your brainpower.  Everyone needs some meditation time.  If you are unable to set aside some meditation time, it will make sharpening your mind a little challenging.

4. Reward Your Mind.  This is a straightforward point.  We all know the affects of sleep, especially deep sleep.  Sleep deprivation compromises your brains ability to be creative, critically think, and problem solve.  Reward your mind with sleep and it will reward you with better functioning.

5. Maintain Healthy Relationships.  You have heard me say many times in my blogs, “Life is all about relationships.”  I still haven’t changed my mind when it comes to that statement.  The more we are able to communicate with others who we have a healthy relationship with; it helps to sharpen our minds.  Naturally we weren’t created to be alone, so we need healthy human interaction to keep our minds sharp.

6. Keep Laughing.  Any and all research supports the need for laughter in our lives.  Life can be a challenge at times, so we have to find time to laugh.  Stress can choke our minds from being sharp, but laughter can be invigorating causing a sharpening of your mind.

You deserve the best.  So give yourself the best.  Whether you use all these strategies or just one, you will find yourself having a sharper mind if you practice just a few of these strategies.

Question: What could you achieve with a sharper mind?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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