Rebooting Your Hard Drive


Most of us live busy lives.  We are busier than ever and often chaos is part of our everyday routine.  Our problems pressure us from every side and it sometimes feels that we are on the verge of breaking.

Believe you me, I understand with 3 boys.  Since I have been a father, I’ve watched time grow wings.  Everyday seems to be a blink, but my schedule seems to stay just as busy with various responsibilities.

Many devices such as computers and smart phones are great personal assistants with our hectic schedules, but what happens when we are still overwhelmed with our challenges?  What happens when we begin to struggle physically and mentally?  What happens if we crash?

"Don’t watch your life spiral out of control; reboot your life."


Technology has changed our lives forever, especially with the advancements of computers.  Computers are electronic devices that manage information by the way it stores, receives, and process data.  Even with great advancements with computers, there are still situations that can cause these devices to crash.

I know we are very different than computers, but we do have some commonalities.  We as humans are also good at storing, receiving, and processing information.  But even with our ability to receive and transmit information, our mental and physical hard drives may fail at times.

So here are two tips to keep you from starving your dreams or breaking down.

Tip #1 - Close Down Other Programs


How many programs do you have open in your life?

If you own a computer, you understand what happens when you have too many programs open on your computer.  The same applies to our lives.  Sometimes we take on so many unnecessary obligations that cause our physical and mental hard drives to start having problems.

Computers tend to slow down when you have too many windows open.  Just as computer, we slow down our very own lives and dreams when we are involved with too many unnecessary activities in life.  Start closing down those programs that are unnecessary and only leave open those programs that are necessary.

Tip #2 - Shut Down All Operations


Rarely do I have problems with my home computers, but one of the organizations I work for uses a computer system that requires more IT support.  I have had my fair share of computer issues in the past.  It’s fascinating how many times this actually works.  I usually forget about this when it comes to improving my work computer’s function, but it usually works every time.

When we are being pressed from all sides, sometimes all we need to do is turn everything off and turn everything back on.  There are many ways to turn off and turn your life back on.  One way is the start of a new year.  Another way is taking a vacation or a break from those things that are robbing our lives of the necessary happiness that we so desperately need.

I don’t know the challenges you are facing in your life, but we are all dealing with something that requires us to reboot our hard drives every once in a while.  So don’t hesitate closing down those things that are unnecessary in your life.  If you are still having difficulties, simply shut down all operations.

With both of these tips, we are just trying to clean up our lives.  One of the reasons why life is hard for so many people is because they have too much going on.  Limit the distractions in your life and only commit to those things that deserve your attention.  Whether it is closing down some unnecessary areas of your life or turning everything off and on, discover how to reboot your physical and mental hard drive.


Question: What are some unnecessary obligations in your life require application of one of the two tips?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
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