“If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” -Anonymous

What defines your leadership?

Many people will look at their social media accounts and will describe their leadership by how many followers they have with each of these accounts.  Others will attempt to characterize their leadership by materialistic achievements.  Unfortunately, none of these indicate your capacity to lead because leadership is much greater than any of these superficial things.  The greatest indicator of a leader is how a person serves.

I have seen so many leaders attempt to define their leadership by insignificant matters.  In these situations, I have watched organizations and people come short of reaching their full potential.  Contrary to this last thought, some of the best organizations I have been part of all focused their efforts on serving their people internally and all their clients externally as well.

Are you a servant leader?

Servant leaders are successful leaders because they care about others needs before their own.

Serving is defined by a person’s ability to devote their efforts or life to something bigger than themselves.  That is why we call it customer service.

If we are able to serve a person, you will be able to lead that same person.  Leadership is about serving.

Take a little time to think about companies you would consider successful.  With each organization you evaluate, you will notice most organizations are successful because they seek to serve.  The reason you have specific companies in mind right now is because they served you in some way.

Since these companies have served you, how are you serving someone else as a leader?  Serving makes your leadership more purposeful, impactful, effective, and successful.  So how can you be more of a servant leader? 

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Bryant Hall, Sr.

CEO & President of MTN Universal, LLC

Certified Coach, Speaker, & Trainer of the John Maxwell Team