Simply Structure Your Life


Life can be full of instability because of its unpredictable nature.  Things around us are always changing, but more importantly we are always changing.

Are you changing for the best?

I never expected to rupture my Achilles at the end of 2013, but it happened.  Aside from the physical change I experienced from the repair I underwent, I also experienced transformation change with my perspective.  I had a lot of time to think and reflect on the person and leader I want to be.

Much of my solace came from having a simple structure, which gave me stability during a highly unstable time in my life.

Without structure, unfortunate situations have the possibility to consume our lives.  You will discover ways to make it through any misfortunes if you choose the simple structuring I will share with you today.

The process of building a house is a perfect example of why we need simple structuring in our lives.

A house cannot stand without a good foundation.  Keys to building a great building of any kind begin with a firm base and a fitting framework.

1. Firm Base.  A firm base is key to future strength.  My base begins with my belief in God.  However, it doesn’t stop with God.  When we are able to believe it increases our confidence with all areas of our lives.  We don’t have to settle for not feeling good enough.  With a firm base, we BELIEVE.  We believe we can and will achieve the impossible.  Extraordinary things happen when we believe, especially if our belief is in God.

2. Fitting Framework.  We need a good base, but having a great framework is just as important to our foundation.  The framework deals with the connections and relationships we develop.  Many people say they believe, but then they abuse and take for granted the various relationships in their life.  It is hard to be successful without the help of others.  The greatest dreams known to man have become realities because of great teams.  So it’s time to start focusing on improving the relationships in your life.

Just remember, structure holds our lives together.

“Whether we choose to simply structure our lives or not, we have already made a choice.”


Choose structure and elevate the level of your life’s success.


Question: How is your foundation?  Do you need to take some time to build a stronger and more effective foundation to be more success in your life?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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